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MMSA Organizational Structure


President - Michael Blois 
Vice President - Amy Jacobsen
Secretary - Mick Gavrilovic

Treasurer - Chris Wyatt
Ex-Officio -Barney Guarnera


At Large -

Dayan Anderson
Anne Parry
Donald Cameron
Myron Benda
Tim Arnold

Colorado Section -

Bob Cameron (Chair)
Justin Anderson
Jurgen Brune
Mike Gingles
Susan Wager
William Wilson

Nevada Section - Jack McPartland
Utah Section - Tony Troutman

Executive Director  - Betty L. Gibbs

Members: Complete Officer and Councilor contact information


Dedicated to:
promoting and improving understanding and appreciation
of the role of the U.S. Mining Industry

mining, minerals and their uses, related environmental issues and government policies.

The Mining and Metallurgical Society of America  
PO Box 810, Boulder, CO 80306-0810 
Tel (303) 444-6032 www.mmsa.net
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